Week 26 – June 23

Week 26 – June 23

Facebook’s experiment to influence its users’ mood has sparked a debate on the morality of A/B testing. How does technology influence education? Has Google+ failed? Tech.eu analyses Kraków’s thriving startup scene. Read our selection of news from last week.

The Ethics of A/B Testing

For a week, Facebook ran an A/B testing-based experiment and showed either fewer positive or negative posts to its users on the News Feed, and then measured how many positive or negative words the users displayed in their own posts. Read more on this experiment on techcrunch.com. It is well known that many companies, brand, politicians, charities, and social movements try to manipulate their website users’ emotions into some extent but a debate has arisen on the ethical boundaries of these practices.

Bits and pieces

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A site shows who is hacking whom right now
New technology is turning education upside down
Google+ is still struggling three years later

Kraków, a new Silicon Valley in Central Europe

Tech.eu reporters attended the Bitspiration Festival in Kraków to give a close look to the city’s  tech entrepreneurial community. What they discovered is  a proliferation of startup events, communities and entrepreneurial initiatives as well as a engagement in the city by giants such as  Google and IBM.  They met a group of Polish heroes open to networking and internationally competitive who, however, should be less isolated and have to face  issues such as shortage of funding and bad infrastructure.

Back in 2011 Ramon Tancinco, Head of Strategy Business Development for Central and Eastern Europe at Cisco Systems, predicted  that Krakow would become a European Silicon Valley on a talk for TEDxKrakow.