Week 17 – Apr 21

Week 17 – Apr 21

Google+ is walking dead, Apple and Facebook are phone companies now, and more. Follow the latest hot stuff in the world of technology, design and communications.

Odds and ends

The world of Design

Top Five Development News of the week

  1. Principles of Token Validation – Back to basics sort of post talking about validation of authentication tokens. Pretty important knowledge in the times where authentication is so often outsourced to Windows Live, Facebook, Google, Twitter and others.
  2. HTML out of the Browser – It’s an exciting time for web-based developers. We’ve mastered the skills to be brilliant in the browser and now with exactly the same knowledge we can conquer the world of mobile and desktop devices. In this article you can read more on how to transfer what you already know to a new field of innovation and creativity out of the browser.
  3. 12 Little-Known CSS Facts – If you think that you know it all about CSS, please try to fathom that you might just as well be wrong. Check this article to see if you’ve already known all the described tricks. If you didn’t, remember – there is always something new to learn… even in the plain old CSS.
  4. Advanced animation path – A comprehensive tutorial on how to create advanced animations using SVG. The end effect is simply stunning!
  5. The designer’s guide to grid theory – If you feel that sticking to a pre-defined grid hurts your creativity, take a look at this article.
Image: David Blackwell/Flickr Creative Commons