Week 14 – Mar 31

Week 14 – Mar 31

What’s going on? What’s the latest in the world of design, technology and communications? Read on to find out what happened last week.

Bits and pieces

Top eight Design News of the week

  1. Tool: Prototype the design of website in Photoshop
  2. Tool: A template with a grid system based on the flex display property
  3. Inspiration: Kazikowa blog with beautiful and unique illustrations
  4. Inspiration: Designing the least user friendly products imaginable just for fun
  5. Freebies: Awesome freebies for Web Designers
  6. Freebies: The 100 Greatest Free Fonts for 2014
  7. Tutorial: Make Retro Text Effects in Illustrator
  8. Participatory Design in Healthcare – Patients and doctors can bridge critical information gaps.

The World of Development

Yet another business meeting…

Engineer vs. Manager ‘battle’ ;)