Week 13 – Mar 24

Week 13 – Mar 24

Facebook betting on virtual reality, Microsoft supporting Apple’s tablet, and more. Fasten your seat belt! The following represents the best of the world of design, technology, and communications in the week of March 24.

(Virtual) Reality by Zuck

Zuckerberg is buying the leader in virtual reality technology for around $2 billion. With Oculus VR, will Facebook become an immersive experience? Read more about Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR and a A Brief History Of Oculus itself.

FB is not the only one taking big steps off the computer/mobile screen business – Silicon Valley Is Buying Up The Future.

Odds and ends

Top five Design News of the week

  1. Charles i Ray Eames – A must watch movie about Charles and Ray Eames. Very inspiring, like an ‘Objectified’.
  2. 99% Invisible – A tiny radio show about design – It‘s both amazing and inspiring. You can listen it also via Soundcloud.
  3. What Testing Won’t Tell You – If you think that user test shows everything, read this one.
  4. Usability Tip: One Main Call-to-Action Item Per Task – Basic, Basic, Basic. This tip “One Main Call-to-Action” is so obvious, but still missing on a lot of websites and apps.
  5. Tools: Mojo Motors’ Responsive Redesign With Fireworks: Visual Design Stage – A very good written Fireworks tutorial.

The World of Development

And finally, If Google was a Guy – Everything you ask Google sounds a lot more stupid when you actually ask Google.