Last chance for not being dreamers

Last chance for not being dreamers

Now a few thoughts about techies, drivers of change, and strategies for the future. Let’s start with some facts that most of us weren’t even dreaming about a few years back

  • Web components are the next big thing
  • Photoshop is on its way out of our industry
  • Connected cars have arrived.

But do we as techies understand why this is so? What are the broader consequences for such changes? Or maybe it’s the other way around: Why are those things, phenomena or technologies becoming so hyped?

Digging through #interwebz #2015predictions, I found a compelling publication from Accenture that talks about IT industry strategies for the future. The publication predicts how our work will look as we step into the future. It takes into account the context of our customers’ needs and strategic changes within their organisations. It’s really cool to read about how both our customers and we are changing. As tech guys, we are driving our customers to meet the future, yet at the same time we are being driven by our customers’ market adaptation needs.

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