eZ Publish: The past, the present, and the future

eZ Publish: The past, the present, and the future

Are you looking for a framework-based enterprise CMS? Then learn, implement, and use eZ Publish!

A quick history

Developers at Making Waves use a variety of technologies to spin their webs. Obviously, the most popular programming language is .NET, which is a base platform for the EPiServer content management system (CMS). We also use Java in some projects. Additionally, we have PHP, a language used in a number of frameworks and CMS’s. eZ Publish is both a framework and CMS. And yes – we use it at Making Waves.

Why you haven’t heard about eZ Publish.

eZ Publish was created in Oslo, Norway, by a company named eZ Systems. After implementing it, they began to sell it. Of course, the easiest way to sell a Norwegian product is to find a Norwegian customer to buy it! And so they did. Then they marketed it to other Scandinavian countries. Nowadays, eZ Publish is slowly gaining popularity in European countries such as France, Germany and Croatia. Moreover, I have heard about companies in Poland other than Making Waves using it.

The Present

About three years ago, eZ Systems began thinking about their child’s future. They had two goals: to make the product even more popular and to make using and implementing in eZ even more exciting. Most likely, they spent hours asking developers and managers how they would change eZ Publish to achieve these goals. And then, the decision: use the Symfony2 framework as a solid foundation for the next version of eZ Publish. The process was long and hard, but eZ Publish5 was finally released. The new version (v. 5.0) functions as a hybrid. It contains Symfony2 and eZLegacy cores, which can be used either in parallel or independently. This means you can have a reliable CMS system, but that you can build new functionalities by implementing your cool bundles in Symfony2.

The Migration

Even though eZ5 was released in 2012, some projects found on the net are still hosted using older versions. So why don’t all folks update their projects to the latest eZ Publish version? One reason is the migration process, which is not easy when it comes to re-writing complex extensions necessary for use with Symfony2. I think it will take some time for all eZ Publish projects to be migrated. And so the time has come for Making Waves: our managers have decided we will be migrating our projects this summer. I suppose we’re all excited about this decision, since moving forward is what all of us want to do. The upgrade process is something natural, it brings new functionalities, and it makes websites more stable and secure.

The Future

To be honest, I’m curious what the passage of time will do for eZ Publish. I hope that in the near future (version 6 maybe), eZ Systems will drop all the legacy code and release a strong CMS system based only on Symfony2. Such a move will be welcomed by all developers who haven’t used eZ Publish in the past. And by us developers at Making Waves, too.