Making Software Kids: Introducing children to the magic of IT

Making Software Kids: Introducing children to the magic of IT

In December 2014, Making Waves Polska organised Making Software Kids, a half-day workshop designed to introduce children from six to nine years to the exciting world of IT. The day was a huge success. Why not organise your own?

At Making Waves, we are always keen to share the magic of information technology with others. Sharing ideas is one reason we organise our Making Software events, which are open to software designers and developers in Krakow.

Kids and computers

One day, we were discussing what we could do as a company that would be innovative and create value in our community. Some employees mentioned that they had started introducing programming to their kids at home. This sounded interesting. Rather than just telling kids how great IT is, wouldn’t it be better to show them how great it is? We decided to expand on this idea and cast the net wider.

Making Software Kids

Together with the foundation Uniwersytet Dzieci (Children’s University), we designed a half-day workshop that focused on showing kids cool things they could do with a computer. Making Software Kids was born.

In December 2014, 60 children between the ages of six and nine participated in the event, which had the desired outcome of happy, engaged children who are inspired by and curious about the digital world. Did we achieve our goal? Well, take a look at the photos where the kids are working away with the KODU platform to make a game, and judge for yourself!

Making Waves experienced tremendous benefits from running this event. First and foremost, we were happy that the children were able to build on their natural curiosity and learn some of the basics of programming. Moreover, a number of people who were previously unaware of Making Waves now have a positive personal connection with us. Last, but definitely not least, parents of participants sent us emails describing the animated conversations their children had after attending Making Software Kids. Thus, we were able to practise corporate social responsibility (CSR) in its truest sense.

Run your own computer event for kids

We were so pleased with the event we want to develop it further. Therefore, we encourage IT companies to design and run a similar event with the support of Uniwersytet Dzieci. We would like to invite IT companies in Poland to create inspiring scenarios that could be used in children’s classes within the field of computer science. However, to run such an event requires hardware. This creates opportunities for companies to donate funds or hardware to Uniwersytet Dzieci to deliver the hardware needed to run the event.

Sound interesting? Take the first step and contact Uniwersytet Dzieci today.