10 reasons why you should attend Making Software — Developers’ Meetup

10 reasons why you should attend Making Software — Developers’ Meetup

Making Software – Developers’ Meetup is back with its 8th edition on 17 November at the brand-new Browar Lubicz brewery. The event has been gathering some of the kings of Krakow’s IT scene since 2011. Find out why you’d better not miss it this time.

Watch this video from the last event:

1. Inspiring talks

You will hear insightful talks by experienced software developers on a variety of topics. For instance, Grzegorz Włodek is going to describe the main challenges of a software developer in the 21st century, while Paweł Bród will explain how to take your Front-End workflow to the next level. Making Waves Software architect Maciej Grzyb, a regular speaker in the history of Making Software, is going to show you how to mix tracks like a pro with oiid. Learn about the app that allows users to step inside music and interact with their favourite songs.

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2. Meet the experts

You will have the chance to learn from special guests. Take the opportunity to learn about the Internet of Things from Microsoft’s Michał Gołda and Lech Biernacki. Take a brave look into the future with them.

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3. Socializing

Making Software is a great chance to meet interesting people from Krakow’s IT community and exchange knowledge and experiences with them. It is a priceless networking opportunity and an chance to reconnect with old colleagues, as well as to make new friends.

4. Refresh your knowledge

You will keep up to date with the latest trends in the software development industry.

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5. Career boosting thoughts

Attending the event will provide you with new perspectives on your career path and possibilities thanks to the speakers’ insights and your conversations with experienced  and knowledgeable developers.

6. No stress

You will spend a few hours on work-related matters in a useful way, but in a very relaxed setting. Work and leisure come together at Making Software.

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7. Making Software community: a social media event

You can become a member of the Making Software Community, a forum for technology news, networking and events relevant to the local software development industry in Krakow. In addition, you will be able to share your comments, thoughts, pictures and videos about Making Software on social media through the event hashtag #‎mskrk (Facebook, Twitter).


8. Let’s party!

You will have lots of fun and can enjoy the after-party with free drinks.

9. Food and drinks

You can eat delicious snacks for free and taste the beer brewed on the premises.


10. A unique venue

From Making Software’s first edition in the iconic Hard Rock Café in Krakow’s scenic Market Square in November 2011 to the Stara Zajezdnia brewery in Kazimierz – located in the city’s former public transportation warehouse – the event has always been held in unique places with a long history. The new venue Browar Lubicz dates back to the 1840s. This brewery was a landmark of Krakow for over 150 years before it was abandoned and left on its own for decades. Today, it is a modern and exclusive complex of apartments, offices and commercial space. Take the chance to discover Browar Lubicz on 17 November.  The event is already full but you can still  join the waiting list for Making Software — Developers’ Meetup.