Ripples Week 8

Ripples Week 8

The best Norwegian design, overrated user insight, and the Internet in 1996. Here are the best weekly issues!


1. User Research is overrated, says Jonathan Courtney, commenting on his experiences with the Google Sprint process.

2. 10 breakthrough technologies in 2017

3. UI Movement have created a collection of useful and inspiring examples of the flow of mobile interfaces

4. Auto Layout: Introducing Stacks – Flexbox for Sketch

5. The current state of homepage and category UX (teaser: performance is up 39 percent since 2013)

6. Infographics on the careers of Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg

7. When the neighbours use Siri to break in

8. Amazon Web Services’ new AI blog

9. Creative UI on the homepage of jjaskowska

10. Trailer for the crowdsource game, Narita Boy (see our header image, too)


A combinator that discusses the best designed products ever used.


Our colleague Erik Ingvoldstad on why he left the advertising industry.


“The product is the company”. Balderton Capital’s Anna Boffetta interviewed about what venture capital companies are looking for

Storbanken ING’s digital transformation (last week we shared the bank’s digital “war room”)

Everyone loves gifs, but it has proven difficult to monetize them


Perspective is an API that will make it easier to improve conversations online

Every NY Times front page since 1852 in under a minute

Snap’s Spectacles are now on sale in the US

– Snapchat about creativity and risk taking, argues Ben Evans

Generation Z Has Arrived, and this is what we know

As podcasts increase in audience, the platform has growing pains


How Slack destroyed workplace productivity

Plants in the office can increase mental capacity and productivity

An Alphabetical Adventure is a great discovery

Keeping up with the Kattarshians

Internet as it was in 1996:


Have a great week!