Ripples Week 25

Ripples Week 25

Everything about Uber’s cultural issues, scandals, and the introduction of an Indian alternative, Apple cares about cars, and the real reason why Amazon bought Whole Foods. Here are the best things of the week!
This week, everything has been about Uber. The company’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, stepped down on Tuesday after intense pressure from major shareholders. The incident is just one of many dramatic twists in a turbulent period for Uber. Making Waves’ Digge Zetterberg Odh writes in Breakit (in Swedish) about the serious cultural issues that have transpired within the company. She questions how long a company can survive with a toxic corporate culture.

Benjamin Edelman believes Uber’s main problem is that the company’s business model is based on illegality – his belief is that US authorities should shut down the company.

The Uber case is very interesting; it’s is the world’s highest-valued non-listed tech company, with technology that has led to major changes in people’s expectations for seamless transport. At the same time, the company has been controversial from the start, and has been in constant conflict with tax authorities, local taxi industries – and more recently, its own employees.

Jugnoo is an Indian company that, in the same way as Uber, connects supply with demand in local transport markets. Unlike Uber, however, Jugnoo is not in constant conflict with its surroundings: it contributes to weakening the black economy by creating digital payment systems and safeguarding community tax revenues. The drivers associated with Jugnoo get better resource utilization and thus increase their profitability – while Uber is known to weaken working conditions.

Midttun’s main point is that the cases of Uber and Jugnoo show that technology alone does not dictate its social consequences. It’s something to think of next time you consider booking an Uber.









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