Ripples Week 22

Ripples Week 22

Mary Meeker’s completely fresh internet trends, the GIF turns 30, the beliefs that Facebook is destroying the open network and that Bitmoji makes Snapchat a dangerous Facebook competitor. Here are the best links this week!

This week’s most important news is undoubtedly Mary Meeker’s fresh 355-page report on the state of the internet. Here are some highlights:

  • Apps fight to get push notification status. The home screen on the mobile is the most effective place for getting attention and commitment
  • Computers are getting as good as people on voice recognition
  • Over the next five years, 50 percent of all searches will be image-based
  • Global smartphone propagation growth is three times as slow as one year ago, and the growth in internet propagation has flattened
  • Digital advertising will pass television advertising in 2017
  • Recode has a nice review of the highlights

How do you feel after looking through the Meeker Report? Difficult to describe with words? Try a GIF, then! The web’s funniest and sometimes most effective form of communication form turns 30 years. Here’s a five-year-old article on GIF’s story, from when the GIF turned 25.