Let us know you, before we meet you

Let us know you, before we meet you

Some time ago, I wrote a private blog post about how you can benefit from asking for feedback after a job interview. Now I’m going to tell you a story about young person who made a great impression even before the recruitment meeting. 

In Making Waves, we post job offers on different portals and on social media. Most of them redirect to a page on our corporate web site, where candidates can find details about our vacant positions as well as contact information for the person who is responsible for a particular job offer. In most cases, the contact person is the relevant team manager. And so it was in this particular case. The job offer was for a position in my department, and my email address was listed in the sidebar.

One day when I opened Outlook and started to process my emails, I noticed an email from a person I didn’t know. It was an email from a candidate. I will try to translate part of it below so that you know why I became immediately interested:

I’m writing to you with a question about what I need to know (and maybe who I need to be :) ) in order to be employed at the company you work for.

While looking for the ideal employer, I discovered Making Waves and, more importantly, the people who work for Making Waves. Browsing through your portfolio, I am impressed with what you do and how you present it. I know that when working with you I would reach the goal I’ve set for myself, which is to become a professional developer.

This is why I would like to ask you for a little information about what kind of personality you are looking for and what competences a junior developer in your department should have. I would like to know in what direction I should develop myself in order to be able to work with you.

I know that it may sound like it was written to impress me. But I see more in it than that. This person asked me to give him feedback on what he could do to have a chance to work for us. Why did I appreciate that so much? Before I answer this question, you have to know what kind of person we are looking for. We are seeking someone who is very skilled, very good at communicating, and at the same time can follow the processes we use. It is not very common to find all these characteristics in one person!

When I saw the email, I immediately had the impression that I was dealing with someone who is open, self-aware, and very proactive. I really like these characteristics in people I work with. Now you know why that person made a great first impression even before a recruitment meeting.

What is the rest of the story? Well, it’s not finished yet. I answered the email proposing a short phone call. We talked for 10 minutes. I explained all the details of the position and asked for a CV. When I got it, I scanned it and asked our HR department to invite that person to an interview.

I don’t know at this point if we will hire him. Like all candidates, he has to go through the whole recruitment process we have at Making Waves. But before my first real life meeting with him, I already knew more about him than after some meetings with other candidates. This can’t be a bad thing for him or me.

My main point here is that you shouldn’t be afraid of asking questions, seeking information, or reaching out to people that are looking for new employees. By doing so, you show that you care, that you want to learn, and that you dare to ask. Call us, email us, or contact us any way that fits you. You will show us that you are really interested in working for us. So what now? Talk to you soon!