Week 9 – Feb 24

Week 9 – Feb 24

We have collected the best weekly content for you from the world of design, technology, and beyond.

This week, Making Waves helped to launch chess app Play Magnus. We have been working secretly with chess world champion Magnus Carlsen “Team Magnus” for the last six months, so now it’s fun to finally be able to talk about the game we developed! 

You can read more about the app hereand preferably download the app for iOS.

Top ten development links of the week!

  1. A nice collection of simple CSS animated spinners. It’s a good starting point to learn, experiment and start coding on your own.
  2. If you don’t know what to do with your free time, try recreating this pure CSS/SCSS animated phone.
  3. CSS A/Z – If you want to go with your CSS animations any further, this collection will inspire you a lot! Once again no JavaScript and no images.
  4. Discover Sass & Compass Extensions – Stop coding everything from scratch. Use extensions and save some of your precious time. Sache gives you a collection of sass extensions to prevent you from struggling with problem that have already been solved.
  5. When HTML and CSS is to be explained, and it slips out a little.
  6. Introducing ASP.NET Project “Helios”
  7. ? for C#? (aka C# might be getting a object hierarchy Safe Navigation Operator)
  8. Resources vs exceptions
  9. Announcing TypeScript 1.0RC
  10. Replacing callbacks with ES6 Generators

The world of Design

Something to Read, Watch, Listen

Case study

New features

IxD tools


…and more

  •  Google’s Project Ara – Make Smartphones Modular by Harry McCacken – Will we be able to build “custom” smartphone from blocks? Google thinks it is possible! It is also interesting in context of selling Motorola and what Google left for themselves.
  • Spritz’s mission is to change the way people read and make communication faster, easier, and more effective. Are you intrigued? We are. Spritz stream (!) a text for you so you do not have to move your eye. With Spritz you only need 13 characters in total to show all of your content.
  • Why experts are nervous about the Internet of Things? – What makes you the most nervous about IoT? Clearly, security.
  • If you have ever wondered if your text is comprehensible for a majority of your readers and don’t know how to check it, ask Hemingway. The app gives you a rank, marks all sentences you went too far with and tells you to avoid passive voice!