Week 15 – Apr 7

Week 15 – Apr 7

Heart Bleed, Printing Food, Mailbox from Dropbox, and more. Get the scoop on the world of tech, design, and communications.

This week has been all about Heart Bleed – a massive security bug in OpenSSL. Watch the video explaining: What Is Heartbleed?

You may also test your website for for Heart Bleedvulnerability.

Odds and ends

Top six Design News of the week

  1. 21 examples of user experience innovation in ecommerce
  2. Book Excerpt: A Web for Everyone
  3. 10 Guidelines To Improve The Effectiveness Of A/B Testing
  4. Speaking to clients through interactive comics
  5. How Search Box should look like in heaven?
  6. Tools: Beautiful CSS3 animation

World of Development

The closing video 

How to do an ad – use iconic references with creativity and skills