Week 12 – Mar 17

Week 12 – Mar 17

That we’re moving into a new era where everything is connected is a fact! We have collected the best weekly content for you from the world of design, technology and beyond.

Internet of Everything

TVs, cars, watches and all other consumer tools – everything will be connected! Check out the key trends and forecast for the whole Internet ecosystem – Internet Of Things by BI Intelligence. A small proof that it is not a fiction – Android Wear, an operating system for smartwatches.

Bits and pieces

The world of Design

And now for something completely different…

Three Front-End bites

  • Have you ever noticed that RWD sites tend to look alike? Do the technique limit us to use certain aesthetics or are we creating the web blindly following the latest trends? Why RWD Looks Like RWD – An interesting article touching this discussion.
  • Sass 3.3 is Released – Take a look on how one of the best CSS preprocessors grows to match programmers expectations. It has loops, conditional directives and now also associative arrays. Writing CSS has never felt so empowering!
  • Redesigning IMDB – An attempt to redesign one of the most widely used website out there –IMDB. It’s an experiment performed by two designers not connected with IMDB development team. A creative way to learn, look for answers and grow as a designer.
Photo: Moyan Brenn/Flickr Creative Commons