Week 11 – Mar 10

Week 11 – Mar 10

Once again, we bring to you the weekly highlights of what’s going on in communications, technology and design.

Wandering or Walking?

How to make your leadership beyond The Desk and still effective? Some of us might be familiar with MBWA = management by walking around (The EconomistFortune Magazine). But have you ever experienced the impact of walking outside the office?  Take a Walk, Sure, but Don’t Call It a Break by Dan Palotta and Walk Your Way to More Effective Leadership by Louis W. Sullivan at HBR.org are a good source of inspiration.

For starters…

Top Development News of the Week

  • Can I skip the lock when reading an integer? – In his post Eric Lippert gives an example of why you should avoid writing multithreaded code if you don’t have to. It is more complex than you think.
  • Coconut Headphones: Why Agile Has Failed – A rant from Mike Hadlow on how agile has come to mean ‘management agile’. If you are a developer, you will like it.
  • Does the world still need experts in CSS and HTML? This article presents a really important discussion about the vitality of HTML and CSS expertise. Are those technologies just and addition to JavaScript knowledge, or are they enough to dig into and build your competence around?
  • Brackets is an open source code editor for web designers and front-end developers. It gives you live reload features and brilliant debugging console. It’s written in JavaScript!
  • Form Follows Function is an interesting experiment pushing the tools you can use on the web to create something outstanding. This collection of interactive experiences brings you a number of unique designs and functionalities. All created in HTML5.

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Photo: Max Khokhlov/Flickr Creative Commons